The Devon websites for our titles including Tavistock Times Gazette, Crediton Courier, Mid Devon Advertiser and South Hams Gazette series, are market leaders in each of their areas. 

As part of the Tindle Newspapers Group, which has many of its operations for the UK based in Newton Abbot, our websites covering the regions are quickly becoming the primary source for news and information.

Our Devon websites have experienced rapid growth since their relaunch in spring 2022. Each month, the websites deliver over 350,000 page views and reach more than 150,000 users across the local area. The audience is evenly split between men and women and spans the 25-65 age groups.

Increasingly, local businesses are turning to Tindle Devon websites to promote and expand their reach. Over the past year, we have proudly partnered with over 700 local clients who have successfully used our websites, with this number steadily growing. The advertisements placed by our local clients have been viewed over ten million times!

As a company, we take pride in delivering trusted local stories that matter to our readers. The number of stories and videos we publish each month continues to grow. We are the only local media company with journalists based in the areas they cover, and we take pride in contributing to and supporting the surrounding areas.

As a Devon business, with four local offices we are unique in that we have a local multimedia advertising sales team based in the region led by Lianne Carr, who can assist local businesses in creating digital advertising campaigns.

We offer advertising formats such as Homepage Takeovers, multi-format and sponsored editorials and managed Facebook campaigns, all of which deliver outstanding results for local businesses.

Lianne comments: “Our team works diligently to explain our digital opportunities and create tailored advertising campaigns for our customers. The majority of our customers who advertise with Tindle's Devon websites began by advertising solely in our newspapers. As we have developed digital advertising on the websites, I have been particularly pleased with the number of customers who have become repeat advertisers following the success of their initial campaigns.

“The combined reach of our local print and digital audiences is unmatched, and we are eager to collaborate with local businesses to enhance their business and profile within the town. I am immensely proud of what we can offer to local customers on our website.”

Advertising on Tindle Devon websites offers numerous key benefits:

Targeted Reach: Visitors to our website are interested in local news, events and businesses. Local businesses are able to target individuals who may be interested in what they can offer.

Trust: We provide reliable, fact-checked information that is trusted by an ever-growing audience. Advertising with us helps build trust and credibility. EVERYTHING on our site is written by a qualified member of our editorial team.

Engaged Audiences: Our audiences actively seek out local information and value local advertising as a means of discovering what is available in and around each area of Devon

Mobile Friendly: Our advertising options cater to users on computers, tablets like iPads, and mobile phones. Last month, approximately 70% of our web traffic came from mobile devices.

Results: Unlike others, we provide comprehensive results of your advertising campaign on our site with a detailed delivery report.

Cost-effective: Advertising on our website is a cost-effective way to reach local customers in Devon markets that we serve.

To learn more about advertising opportunities, please contact [email protected]