SET up by friends, young Sheila Wreford from Crediton and Bow boy David Job went on a blind date with them to the Burston at Bow.  It worked. 

The friends disappeared and David and Sheila were married not many years later on September 29, 1973 at Crediton Parish Church.  They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Friday, September 22.

Sheila is a Crediton girl, daughter of Henry and Vera Wreford.  Henry worked at Moore Brothers garage on the High Street and Vera was a home help for years. Sheila’s brother Michael lives in Crediton.

From Hayward's School, Sheila worked first at the International Stores on the High Street (where Costa Coffee is now) for Mr Humphreys.  It ran deliveries all around the area, then she moved into Exeter to work for the International there. 

She later came back to work in Crediton, first at Babychic on Mill Street and then for Westward Babywear until it closed, as supervisor in the cutting department.  They made clothes for babies and toddlers for well-known stores.  

David grew up in Bow, went to school there and then Okehampton.

His father had a printing and photographic shop in the middle of Bow for 10 years, sadly dying when David was aged 11.

His mother, Lilian, then became supervisor at the school kitchen.  She was also clerk to the parish council and to Bow Water Works.  They lived then in Godfreys Gardens. 

David explained: “I got my O Levels at Okehampton and was about to leave school when the late Arthur King Robinson came to see my mother about council business.  In conversation he said he was looking for a Junior Clerk at the North Street office of Symes Robinson and Lee.

“I got the job and was there for a few years.  But then I was headhunted by Douglas Penny because the managing clerk in Veitch Penny’s Probate department in Market Street was retiring."

He was there until he retired 15 years ago.  He is now aged 79.

“I enjoyed every day of the work, I really did,” he said.   

In Bow David was involved in the football club which used the field where the new school is now.

“After I moved into Crediton when we got married, I had hardly been there a day or two when I bumped into Chris Gillard from Crediton Football Club. 

“He said ‘good, you are now on our committee, there is a meeting in a couple of days’ time, see you there’.”

David is still involved with the club, is a Life Member, has been treasurer and that is where they had their anniversary party.  Sheila used to always be in the tea shed on match days.

David also played cricket for Sandford for a short time.   He says that in his earlier days he was a good snooker player.  He also enjoyed their classic cars, having had a 1950s MG, a Morris 1000 and “more or less” rebuilt an old Mini.

Knitting is one of Sheila’s pastimes, learning when she was five from her grandmother.

She and friends began the Hot Pins knitting group who met at Evans News on Crediton High Street and now meet in Crediton Library, knitting a lot for charities.

She was chairman of the Friends of Newcombes Surgery, also when it became New Valley and now chairman of Redlands Surgery League of Friends. 

For many years David and Sheila decorated the outside of their home with lights for Christmas, raising some £4,500 for Devon Air Ambulance.