Donate to Ukraine Appeal at Bernaville Nurseries on Donation Day

Friday 27th May 2022 3:30 pm
Joe Bussell loading a van for Exeter Friends of Ukraine ready to make the long journey. (Submitted )

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WE are all aware of the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine and the desperate plight of the refugees having to leave their homes and possessions and seek safety in eastern Poland.

Exeter Friends of Ukraine is a volunteer group which is collecting and delivering aid. To date we have dispatched 24 van loads to Przemysl a border town east of Krakow.

This is a round trip of nearly 2,900 miles costing approximately £2,000 per journey taking six or seven days with two volunteer drivers. This sum is required to cover van hire, van and personal insurances, fuel, Euro Tunnel fee and bed and breakfast for two drivers.

I completed my first journey from April 12 to April 19 and I am now planning a further trip in June.

More aid is urgently needed such as clothes, toiletries, soft toys, baby items, non-perishable snacks and sweets and medical packs.

A more detailed list can be seen on my Facebook page (see below).

With the very kind assistance of Bernaville Nurseries, at Cowley we are having a dedicated Donation Day on Wednesday, June 8, so if you are able, please take your donations to their car park between 11am and 2pm when I will be there to meet you.

Alternatively, please telephone me to arrange a collection on 01392 851455 or 07590 471234.

All donations which are collected are transferred to our storage area at Parrs Farm, Marsh Barton (adjacent to Devon Hotel) where our team of volunteers sort, box and label ready for loading.

To enable the aid to be delivered we must raise funding via public appeals so we will be extremely grateful, on behalf of the Ukraine refugees, if you are able to donate.

We have a formal charity page at: Just Giving Crowdfunding and with easy access via my Facebook page: Joe Bussell, by scrolling down to the picture of Exeter Cathedral overlaid with the Ukranian flag.

Tap the screen and this will take you directly to my own Just Giving page.

Your help during this very difficult time is greatly appreciated.

Joe Bussell


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